So why is one considered ‘inappropriate’ and the other accepted? Stop sexualising my body. 

I wonder this too. Why is it a man’s breast and nipple are okay to show but a woman’s breast and nipple isn’t.

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it’s funny because every time I reblog this I lose at least one follower who seems offended by a nipple

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  1. Camera: Kodak Easyshare C813 Zoom Digital Camera
  2. Aperture: f/2.7
  3. Exposure: 1/12th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm
"I don’t care about anyone else. I just wanna be good enough for you."
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When I cannot sleep he kisses my forehead, pulls me into his chest and tells me he’s happy
When I stir,
when dreams take over my sleepy consciousness he pulls me close kisses my forehead and whispers ‘I’ve got you.’ He holds me until my breathing slows and I relax into his embrace
As the sun spills through the shades he breathes good morning into mouth and tells me I’m more prefect than the sun rise, even though my eyes are sleepy and my hair is a mess
He kisses me softly
I drink my coffee with too much sugar and smoke flavoured cigarettes before even getting dressed
He laughs and kisses me anyway

No matter what the day throws at us I know I will be okay because I get to come home to him and wake up to mornings like this


I haven’t met you yet but I know you’re out there


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….maybe I have met you

Bath time! #relaxing #music #metime #dyke #girlswithtattoos #legs

"To my ex lover
Taking my clothes off, is not
Considered foreplay"
— MeganTalks



today was my last day in my creative writing class and my teacher gave everybody a piece of paper to write down a contract and to put it in our wallets. she said she did the same thing when she was younger and every now and then she’d brush by it and remember that she wanted to write. everybody took time to write out what they wanted and I just sat at the back of the class, sitting on the windowsill and I knew there was only one thing to write but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. at the end of the class after everybody left, I went to thank her for the year, and she told me that people should be reading my words for a long time, but they won’t be able to do that if I’m not around to write them. I showed her the blank piece of paper, and she said it was okay not to write anything, and then I wrote this. I learned the power of words in that class, I learned it was okay to vomit up half a dozen notebooks stained with blood and exploded pens because it means you have something to say.

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"I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships."
— Neil Hilborn (via thatquote)

Gym progress! Approximately one month! #fitness #workout #dyke #girlswholift

QuestionI'd like to hear your coming out story. :) Answer

I was really only open and honest with myself about being bisexual when I was 19 (currently 23). Growing up I thought that everyone thought the way that I do (that girls are attractive also) and because sexuality wasn’t something that people talked about I never doubted that assumption.

I started to doubt it when I went to university. That first semester I also met another girl who was bisexual but still also working through it herself.

The first time I admitted to myself that I was bisexual was when I went to the strip club for the first time. I guess I realized it was more than just finding women attractive. Soon after that I chose the label bisexual and started coming out to my close friends. I was terrified (worried that my friends who were girls would be concerned about me being attracted to them) to come out but I had amazing support.

It was scarier to come out to my family because my dad is old fashioned and I was terrified he would disown me. I officially came out to him and my step mom last Christmas and have come out to various family members over the last year. My dad wasn’t incredibly supportive but he didn’t disown me, it seems as though he chooses not to acknowledge it which I am okay with for now. The rest of my family has been incredibly supportive and I feel very lucky to have them in my life.

It is extremely liberating to me to be completely out to my friends and family. I love being able to be honest and comfortable with who I am.

All the love and support to those who are considering coming out today and to those who aren’t ready yet. No one can tell you when you’re ready just know that there is support out there if you need it.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI just accidentally outed myself as bi to my parents over the phone and I think they took it ok but OVER THE PHONE??? it wasnt planned at all but i kinda talked myself into a corner without even realising it and then i had to admit it and yeah i think i definitely surprised them because it was completely out of the blue and this was like over an hour ago and I'm still freaking out about it???? I'm going home this weekend so I guess I'll find out then. Sorry to ramble I just. argh. Answer

Hey anon, I understand feeling nervous/stressed about the situation especially since it wasn’t planned. All I can suggest is try to make the most of the situation. It can be confusing to family members so let them know that it is okay to ask questions and remain open minded. Respectful let them know if they offend you and try to keep the conversation calm.
The way I see it, this happening the way it did could be a good thing, it allows your family some time to let it sink in before you go home.
I would also suggest not allowing the situation fall to the side and actually bringing up the conversation this weekend no matter how tough it is.

I wish you the best of luck anon. I am here for you and will support you in any way that I can.

xox MeganTalks


The out singer shares how she realized she was gay, and how she struggled with her faith because of it.

"National coming out day…. to all those who don’t think bisexuality exists, guess what? I’m here and I’m queer and I am still bisexual."

here for anyone who wants to chat whether you have come out or not, I will support you in any way that I can. If you want to hear my coming out story I am definitely willing to share that also

much love xox

"my mother’s trust issues are leaking into my chest
and I’ve got my father’s nose and his tendency to
stop calling back
so I’m sorry
about the 9 missed calls I have from you
and the 6 voicemails I never played
I swear I’d love you if I could"
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